Our range of products include Auger Filler Machine such as Semi Automatic Auger Filler Machine, Auger Base FFS Machines, Fully Automatic Auger Filler Machine and Single Head Weigh Filler.

Auger Filler Pneumatic Pouch packing Machine  is designed for packing of different kind of powders in small pouch sizes.


  • Pouch Width: Maximum 370 mm of roll width Translate to 7” pouch width
  • Pouch Height: Adjustable – maximum 350 mm.
  • Packing Range: 10 gm to 2000x gm – limited by pouch size
  • Vertical Seal Width: 10 – 40 mm – typically 15 mm
  • Pouch forming method: Through SS 306
  • Horizontal seal width: 10-15 mm-typically 10 mm