The Namkeen continuous frying system is suitable for all kinds of Besan based products like Sev Ghathiya, Papdi, Ratlami, Bhavnagri and other floating products. The Frying system has following features…

  • Production Capacity 300-350 Kg/hr. (Besan Sev, Ghathiya etc)
  • Fuel Consumption :- 11-13 Ltr/Hr
  • Power Consumption :- 6.5 HP
  • Oil Holding Capacity :- 325 -350 litres
  • Latest Oil Heating Technology with Heat Exchanger
  • Continuous Conveyer Type Oil Filtration System
  • Complete Material of Construction is SS 304 Grade
  • Pneumatic Conveyor Lifting Arrangement for easy cleaning
  • Heat Free working Environment
  • Zero Maintenance
  • High oil turnover ratio