Demand and Market of Potato Chips:

Everyone likes potato chips. There is good demand of potato chips in cinema hall, shopping malls, home etc. places all throughout the year. It needs Peeler Machine, Cutting Machine, Diesel Oven and Mixer Machine to make potato chips.

How to make Potato chips with Potato Chips Making Machine:

At first you have to buy potatoes from the market. Then you have to peel off the skin of the potatoes with Peeler Machine. Now wash the potatoes with water. Then put the potatoes on the hopper of the Cutting machine and start the machine. Now wash the cut potatoes again in clean water. Then you have to xtract extra oil from potatoes with Oil Hydro machine. At last you have to mix spices and flavor with Mixer Machine. After packing it you can sell it in thee market. You can make about 100 kg potato chips per hour with this machine. It needs 1 hp motor and 220 volts to operate the machine.